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Board of Director Positions: President,Vice President, Secretary,Treasurer,Registrar,Head Referee,Head Coach Age Directors: The Gallup Soccer League Board of Directors is made up of volunteers. Please be respectful of their time. All parents are encouraged to participate and to help make the Soccer League enjoyable and successful for all involved.Volunteers are needed in the following areas: Coaches,Referees,Board of Directors GOALS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE GALLUPSOCCER LEAGUE1. To promote the health, happiness, and development of youth through regular, organized physical activity.2. To encourage maximum participation and enjoyment of the game of soccer by all girls and boys who wish to play the game.3. To promote soccer as a recreational game.4. To promote the ideal attitude of players towards others, to encourage the skill demonstrated by both teams, to learn by watching others, and to promote the enjoyment of playing the game.5. To always encourage skill and its application in team play.6. To encourage team members to be better players.7. To be constructive in criticism.8. To stress quality of team play as one of the primary goals.9. To acknowledge the concept, that it is more important to inspire confidence in players than to win.10. To stress to parents that it is more important to ask their children "Did you have fun?" or "Did you learn anything?" than to ask, "Did you win?".The common goal of any team sport should be to improve and maintain personal fitness, promote emotional health and growth, and to foster the spirit of doing the best for yourself and your team. It is our philosophy to bring to the game an atmosphere of fun and learning. A winning attitude is fundamental in any athlete or team. The game should teach sportsmanship and fair play. Learning and practicing these goals contribute to winning without arrogance and losing without alibis, allowing all to become winners in the broadest sense of the term-succeeding in playing well, doing your best, and enjoying the experience. We emphasize the mastery of team skills; respect for team members, coaches, and Referees; development of self-confidence; and recognition that the cooperative behavior of the entire team is essential to success of the team. We emphasize learning as opposed to winning, and demonstrate this by providing a recreational League rather than a competitive one. Competitive play is provided by the League through competitive teams, ODP and YOP. RULES OF THE GALLUP SOCCER LEAGUE Except as expressly provided for in the League Regulations, Gallup Soccer League games will be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game, as modified for youth soccer by USYSA . AGE LEVELS Participants must turn 4 years of age during the calendar year of play, and must not be 15 years of age during the calendar year .AGE GROUPS U6……………………………………….4 and5 U8……………………………………….6 and 7 U10……………………………………...8 and 9 U12…………………………………...10 and 11 U14…………………………………...12 and 13 U15……………………………………14 and 15 The League will roster U16, U17, and U18 competitive teams for travel, but will not provide recreational soccer beyond U15 (indoor excluded). Indoor will have separate age groups:U10 through U12, U15 and U19. If available INDIVIDUAL PLAYING TIME/ROTATIONAll players who regularly attend practice and arrive for a game on time must play the equivalent of one-half of each game, unless the coach in his/her discretion determines for disciplinary reasons not to play a player. REGISTRATION Registration is held in the spring, online at fees vary by year. REFUNDS No Refunds.A $25.00 returned check fee will be applied to all returned checks, and the player will not be allowed to play until the check and fees have been paid in full. Proof of age will be required at registration. This shall consist of an original Birth Certificate issued by an appropriate Government Agency. Players will be drafted to a team during the month of June. The coach will call with team assignment, practice schedule and location. Team assignments will be done by the way of draft at a time and place set by the Board of Directors.Automatic Placement on a team will occur only in the following situations:1. The child, children or grandchildren of the head coach.2. The child, children or grandchildren of the assistant coach.3. The child, children or grandchildren of the team sponsor. All other selections to a team will be done by computer draft on an annual basis. There will be no carry-over of players from year to year.4. Late registrants will be assigned to teams by the League Registrar or Board designee, based upon team size and/or draft rotation until the age group is filled. The League Registrar will make attempts to keep the age, gender, and number of players on each team as equal as possible. It is the intent of the Gallup Soccer League that teams be balanced by age and gender as reasonably as possible, including players automatically placed on teams. Siblings will be placed on the same team, if they are in the same age group, as requested by parents or guardians, if registered on time. Late registrants may not be placed together if teams are full. Fees for late registration will only be accepted in cash or money order. Changing teams can only be done under circumstances of extreme hardship. A written request to change teams must be directed to the League President. The coach has no authority to add or change players. A twenty dollar ($20.00) transfer fee is charged for all transfers. All transfers must be approved by the Gallup Soccer League Board.Players will be assigned to a new team based upon team size and/or draft rotation. TEAM SELECTION / BLIND DRAFT PROCEDURES: Teams will be formed in a balanced blind draft rotation. The balanced-blind draft groups are, competitive boys, competitive girls, then descending by age and gender. Once competitive players have been drafted, League One will generate a computer based draft automatically evening out teams by gender and birth date.Example…..In U-12 girls, all players regardless of their team the previous year will be placed in the draft except for those automatically placed on a team.There after:1. All 11 year- old competitive girls will be selected on a rotating basis until all 11 year-old competitive girls are chosen.2. All 11 year-old non-competitive girls will be selected on a rotating basis until all 11 year-old girls have been chosen.3. The same process is then followed for the 10 year-old players.PLEASE CONTACT THE LEAGUE REGISTRAR FOR REGISTRATION PROBLEMS.The coaches may not add, switch, or recruit players to an existing recreation team. Registrations will be cut off when teams are full. PLAYING UP Players who wish to play outside their normal age grouping will be allowed to play-up based on skill only. No player will be allowed to play-up for any other reason (i.e., convenience of practice, convenience for family, etc.)In order to play-up, parents must request to play -up at registration (request form is provided on the registration form). Parent and coach approval is required. The Head Coach may contact the player's previous season's coach in determining the skill level, or set up a time and place for an evaluation. The Head Coach will evaluate the player and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors regarding skill level. The Board will then make the final decision to allow the player to play-up depending on age group, space availability, and other factors which the Board may wish to consider. UNIFORMS UNIFORMS ARE THE PROPERTY OF THE PLAYER. League supplied shirts/jerseys are to be worn during games. Uniforms are not to be modified in any way. Compression shorts (also known as bicycle shorts) will be allowed. All players must wear the same color shorts and shorts must not come below the top of the player's knee.Players may not wear any item which in the judgment of the Referee is dangerous to the player or other players. NOJEWELRY OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED,INCLUDING EARRINGS, FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS,WATCHES AND BARRETTES. (only rubber bands in hair).CASTS ARE ALLOWED IF PROPERLY PADDED AND IF, INTHE OPINION OF THE REFEREE, THEY DO NOT POSE ADANGER TO ANY PLAYER, PROVIDED THAT THE PLAYER HAS A SIGNED RELEASE FORM FROM A LICENSED PHYSICIAN INDICATING THAT THE PLAYER IS RELEASED TO PLAY SOCCER. Soccer shoes with cleats are recommended for all players. Baseball or softball cleats are prohibited. Metal or removable cleats are not allowed.Shin guards are required to be worn at all practices and for every game. Shin guards must be completely covered with socks. A player will not be allowed to practice or to play in a game without shin guards.OTHER EQUIPMENTMouthpieces and safety glasses (eye protection) are recommended, but not required.
TEAM SIZES AND RULES FOR EACH AGE These numbers may be adjusted at the discretion of the League, depending on the number of players registered.U-6 and U-8 teams play two games simultaneously Age Max.# rostered Min.# of Max. # of Minutes Off side Ball size U-6 14 3 per side 8 MIN/ NO 3 U-8 BOYS 14 4 per side 12 MIN/ NO 3 U-8 GIRLS 14 4 per side 12 MIN NO 3 U-10 BOYS 12 6 25 YES 4 U-10 GIRLS 12 6 25 YES 4 U-12 BOYS 14 6 30 YES 4 U-12 GIRLS 14 6 30 YES 4 U-14/15 BOYS 18 7 35 YES 5 U-14/15 GIRLS These numbers may be adjusted at the discretion of the League, depending on the number of players registered.U-6 and U-8 teams play two games simultaneously. PRACTICE For age groups U-6 and U-8, no more than 1 hour of practice per session, and no more than 2 sessions per week. For U-10, U-12, and U-14, before the start of school: Maximum of 4 1/2 hours of practice in 3 sessions per week. After the start of school: maximum of 3 hours per week in 2 separate sessions. Players may only practice with the team they are assigned to by the Registrar. Youths not registered with the League will not be allowed to practice under any circumstances. These times should be observed by competitive teams during the school year. Children can arrive at practice no earlier than 15 minutes before starting time as long as a coach is on the field. Parents should plan to arrive at practice 5 to 10 minutes before the end of practice to pick up their children.If parents are chronically late picking up their child from practice, the coach should advise the appropriate AgeDirector. This may result in disciplinary action, including suspension from the team.
Cancellations:Bad weather- decisions can only be made by the Head Referee, or in his absence, a designee of the Board. Rescheduling will be at the discretion of the Board.If a game has started and is postponed because of bad weather, it may be rescheduled at the discretion of the Board if the game is not half over.Playoffs: None
SPONSORS Each team will have a sponsor that has made a donation to the League. COACHES,TEAM PARENTS, AND TEAM MEMBERS ARE PROHIBITED FROM APPROACHING SPONSORS TO REQUEST THAT A SPONSOR PURCHASE TROPHIES, MEDALS, AWARDS,PROVIDE OR CONTRIBUTE TO A TEAM PARTY. What a sponsor does on their own is entirely up to each individual sponsor.
FIELD RULES AND CONDUCT The U-6 and U-8 shall have a 2 minute break between quarters and a 5 minute break between halves. If one team is short players, the scheduled game may be delayed no longer than 10 minutes. If a team is short players, the maximum number of players on the field will be determined by the team with the fewest number of players or at the coaches' and Referees' mutual discretion.Players may be "lent" to the other team in a game if both coaches and the Referee are in agreement. This is for that game only. If your team is consistently short players, contact the Registrar or Age Director. Both teams will position themselves on the opposite side of the field from the parents. Only players, coaches and Referees are allowed on the fields. NO INDIVIDUAL MAY STAND OR SIT BEHIND THE GOAL LINE DURING A GAME. Coaches and assistant coaches only, may coach from the sidelines by giving tactical instructions to their own team on points of strategy and positioning. Each team is required to pick up any and all liter after their game.The following will not be allowed at any time:1. FOUL OR ABUSIVE LANGUAGE2. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ON OR NEAR THE PLAYING FIELD OR ANY AREA ADJACENT TO THE FIELD, OR AT ANY PRACTICE LOCATION.3. SMOKING ON THE FIELD4. BIKES OR DOGS ON THE FIELDS OR IN ANY AREA ADJACENT TO THE FIELD.5. NO COACH, PLAYER, OR SPECTATOR IS TO MAKE DEROGATORY OR DISSENTING REMARKS OR GESTURES TO REFEREES, COACHES, OTHER PLAYERS OR SPECTATORS.6. NO COACH, PLAYER OR SPECTATOR IS TO INCITE IN ANY MANNER, DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR OF ANY KIND. ANY COACH, PLAYER OR SPECTATOR MAY BE WARNED, CAUTIONED, SENT OFF OR REMOVED FROM THE FIELD. SUBSTITUTIONS Substitutions are allowed on throw-ins, goal kicks, kickoffs, certain injuries, and only with permission of the Referee. Referee should be notified if there is to be a goal keeper change.INJURY When an injury occurs during a game, a coach or parent may not enter the field unless summoned by the Referee. If the player requires the assistance of a coach or parent after an injury, that player must be substituted for immediately, and cannot reenter the game until the next regular substitution opportunity. If the injury requires medical attention, it needs to be reported to the League Registrar on the forms provided in the coaches packet.
YELLOW CARD (CAUTION) AND RED CARD (SEND OFF)YELLOW CARDUnsporting behaviorDissent by word or actionPersistently infringes the LawsDelays the restart of playFails to respect the required distance at the restart of playEnters/re-enters the field without permissionLeaves without permissionRED CARDSerious foul playViolent conductSpits at an opponent or any other personDenies a goal or obvious goal scoring opportunity by handling Denies an obvious goal scoring opportunity by offense punishable by a free kick or a penalty kick Offensive, insulting, or abusive languageReceives a second caution (Yellow Card) in the same matchA player receiving a caution (Yellow Card), must be substituted for immediately and may not re-enter the game until the next regular substitution break.Two (2) Yellow Cards equal one (1) Red Card and the player is sent off on the issuance of the second Yellow Card.SEE DISCIPLINARY POLICY FOR ADDITIONAL DISCIPLINE IMPOSED UPON ISSUANCE OF RED AND YELLOW CARDS.Slide tackles are not allowed in U-10, U-8, and U-6.Legal slide tackles will be allowed in all other age groups.
PARENTS / GUARDIANS Parents are encouraged to participate. Please donate your time as a coach, assistant coach, Referee or Assistant Referee, Age Director, team parent, in the concession stand, or on the Board of Directors. There are many areas in which help is always needed, with various levels of knowledge about soccer. Parents and Guardians are asked to read carefully "REFEREES" in this hand book. In soccer, unlike other sports, parents/spectators cannot engage in negative behavior. This can result in penalties for their team if so deemed by the Referee. This is a standard followed by all soccer Leagues, and is set out by the international governing body (FIFA and the USYSA).
THE COACHES' RESPONSIBILITY1. Acknowledge and understand the basic goals and objectives of the League.2. Attend the coach clinic each season.3. Be prompt at all games and practices.4. To maximize child/ball contact time, encourage each player to have a ball during practice, either their own or the team's.5. Treat each player fairly while developing individual techniques and skills.6. Encourage team spirit.7. Set a good example to team members, parents and spectators.8. Encourage individual and team pride in self-improvement.9. Arrange for substitute if unable to attend game or practice.10. Arrive at least 15 minutes before practice, and at least 30 minutes before a game.11. Prevent scores from being run up unnecessarily.12. Do not promote "star", a practice which limits potential development of other team members.13. Coaches, designated prior to the game, may coach from the sidelines by giving tactical instructions to their own team on points of strategy and positioning. Such tactical instructions cannot be continuous in nature, and must be conveyed to players in a positive civil tone. No negative or abusive comments may be directed to players on the field of play when giving tactical instructions. Part of the skill of playing soccer involves individual players making their own decisions.14. Be responsible for the actions of your team and conduct of your parent supporters.
TEAM PARENT / MANAGERThe board is requesting that every team have an assigned team parent. The team parent could have the following duties:1. Issue uniforms at the start of the season.2. Help the coach and assistant coach notify team members when there are changes in either practice or game schedules or other places when needed.3. Coordinate the after game snacks and drinks with the other team parents.4. Work with other parents to coordinate season end events.5. Issue and collect photo forms and hand out pictures when they arrive.The purpose of the team parent / manager is to help the coaches with details of the team that are not related to coaching. Ultimately, the entire group of parents and the coaches have the final collective decision on what to do for their players at the end of the soccer season.
REFEREES1. THE REFEREE HAS ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY CONCERNING PLAYERS ON THE FIELD AND CONDUCT OF ALL SPECTATORS.2. Youth Referees will be assigned games by the head Referee based on ability. Youth Referees have received the same training and certification as other Referees. All coaches, players and spectators are to show Youth Referees the same respect as they would any adult Referee. The Gallup Soccer League would not be able to continue to provide recreational soccer for the youth of Gallup without Youth Referees. They are an integral part of our program, and we could not continue to run the League without them.3. Soccer is played for the players. The Referee's responsibility is to the players, to be sure that the game is played safely and equitably, and to protect the integrity of the game.When there is a complaint that needs to be brought to someone's attention, please follow the guidelines listed below:Infractions or complaints of an urgent matter should be taken directly to the League President.CONFLICT RESOLUTION:When there is a complaint that needs to be brought to someone's attention, please follow the guidelines listed below:
Initial Complaint----------Coach or Age-group Director---------Head Ref or President------Board of Directors

DEFINITION: A competitive team is a team registered with the Gallup Soccer League (GSL) for play outside of the normal recreational League schedule. This may involve extensive travel.As competitive teams are competitive in nature, play time for players will be determined by what is best for the team and will be at the coaches' discretion. Play time is not guaranteed.LEAGUE GOALS: Competitive teams will be allowed to use the League goals after the season is over. The coach will sign an agreement for the financial responsibility concerning the condition of the goals and bags upon their return. The goals and bags should be examined by the Vice President and the Coach when checked out and when returned. The goals should be returned no later than May 31st of each year.APPLICABLE AGE GROUPS: Competitive teams will only be allowed in U-10 and above age groups. Players in U-6 and U-8 will not travel to play games and will not participate in tournaments.COMPETITIVE TEAM COACHES: A coach wishing to organize a competitive team must make a written application to, and receive approval from, the GSL Board of Directors (Board). Coaching applications should be received by theBoard before the September board meeting. This deadline allows for the Board to approve the team so that the Registrar can assist the coach in notifying the players of tryouts before the end of the recreational season. Coaches must strive to meet state license requirements to coach a competitive team. Coaches are encouraged to have a level F minimum coaches license for U-10, level E for U-12, and level D for U-14 and above.RULES FOR PRACTICE TIME: Rules for practice are the same as regular recreational League practices, with the exception that all practices, including weekend practices, may not exceed the 6 hours per week.COMPETITIVE TEAM FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Coaches of competitive teams are responsible for collecting all monies and for accounting to the League Treasurer and players' parents. Competitive teams must pay their own fees, registration, uniforms, balls, tournament fees, etc. All money collected by competitive teams will be deposited with GSL Treasurer. All disbursements must be made from the GSL Treasurer. This is for the protection of all coaches and parents of competitive teams. Fund raising activities for competitive teams are not discouraged but must be approved by the GSL Board of Directors. Parents of competitive teams will be responsible for transporting their children to all games, and are responsible for all meals and lodging. The GSL does not provide transportation, lodging, or meals for any competitive teams. A registration fee will be assessed per each competitive team player to go into the GSL general account. The fee is for local registration and state registration. This is a fee that is assessed above and beyond the competitive team fee that is paid by each player that goes towards team expenses and tournament fees. This fee will be an amount set by the GSL Board. It may differ from the amount of the recreational season registration.Coaches must also notify the League Treasurer of any fees that are needed at least 20 days in advance. The checks require two signatures. Please do not wait until the last minute to request funds. The League Registrar does not have information on tournaments. Please go to NMYSA or sponsoring soccer club website for information about tournaments. It is recommended that each competitive team have a final meeting or make a final decision to either divide up the remaining funds in their account, donate it to a future competitive team, or donate it to the Soccer League. Even if the team plans to have a team the following year, all of the players will probably not return, so it is recommended that the parents and coach that contributed to the team account make a mutual decision as to how to disburse the funds at the end of the season.GUEST PLAYERS: Guest players must be registered with the Registrar 10 days prior to a tournament in which the player wishes to play. Guest players will be assessed a $5.00 fee per tournament. The completed guest registration form must be submitted with the fee from the Treasurer. The Registrar has the forms and can give you more information about the eligibility of the player.PLAYER AND TEAM REGISTRATION: Players will not be rostered until Registrar has received registration fees, pictures, birth certificates, medical releases and completed membership form. A player who does not submit all of these forms by the date set by the Registrar will not be rostered on a team.. PLAYER SELECTION: Players for competitive teams will be picked by tryouts. Selection criteria will be at the discretion of the coaches.All players registered with GSL in the applicable age group who are eligible to be on a competitive team must be notified of the time and place for tryouts. At least two advertised tryouts will be held, a minimum of six days apart. A player must attend at least one tryout to be eligible for a competitive team. The League Registrar needs to be notified when and where tryouts are being held.A player's age group is the group that the player is registered for during the recreation League season. This means that a player who plays up to the U-12 age level during the recreational League season, is considered to be in the U-12 age group.Coaches may invite players to try out for a competitive team one age group above the player's level if the team is within the player's age group. GSL recreational League age group. Board approval must be obtained for a coach to invite players above the player's regular recreation League age group. These requests must be submitted in writing to the Board. This only applies to age groups where GSL has recreational League soccer, not above U-14.If a coach desires to fill roster spots that become available due to players leaving the team, the spots will be filled at the coaches' discretion. All appropriate forms will need to be completed with the Registrar. The Registrar is the only person who can add players to the "Official Roster" that is sent to each tournament. Competitive teams have priority over tournament teams.
YOUNG OLYMPIANS, OLYMPIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM These are NMYSA sponsored state teams for developing top level, competitive players for games against other states' ODP teams. There will be a state fee charged to each Young Olympian or ODP member.If you have an interest in a Young Olympian or ODP team, please contact the GSL Head Coach. To be eligible for a Young Olympian or Olympic Development Program (ODP) a player must be registered with the Gallup Soccer League. Parents of Young Olympian (ODP) and competitive team players are responsible for transporting their children to team practices and games, as well as, for meals and lodging. GSL will not provide transportation, lodging, or meals.
GALLUP SOCCER LEAGUE DISCIPLINARY POLICYGENERAL APPLICATION:1. Players in the U-6 and U-8 shall not be issued cautions (Yellow Card) or send offs (Red Card). Players in these age groups may be sent off from a game by the Referee for serious foul play or misconduct, but such actions shall not be recorded or reported to the Head Referee. Dismissal from the game shall be the only penalty assessed against players in these age groups.2. Players in the U-10, U-12, and the U-14 age groups and all coaches are subject to cautions and send offs in accordance with the Laws of the Game. Coaches may be cautioned, or matches suspended, due to the misconduct of parents and spectators.
1. All cautions and send offs shall be recorded and reported to the Head Referee when the Referee submits his/her game report. Cautions and send offs may not be reversed by the Referee once issued, unless the Referee immediately determines that his or her action is in error or is not in accordance with the Laws of the Game. Acknowledgement of the infraction and apology for the action by the offending party shall not be considered basis for reversal of issuance of a caution or dismissal.
2. Players sent off (Red Card) will be suspended for the game immediately subsequent to the game in which the Red Card is issued and the following game.
3. A player receiving a caution (Yellow Card) may be substituted for immediately.
4. Players issued more than two (2) Yellow Cards during the course of a season shall be suspended for the game immediately following the issuance of the third Yellow Card, and for the game immediately following the issuance of any additional Yellow Cards during the course of one season.
5. Coaches shall receive a caution (Yellow Card) for not advising the Referee of a keeper change. The players involved will receive an oral caution.
6. Coaches shall be suspended for the two (2) games immediately following the issuance of a Red Card.7. Coaches shall be suspended for two (2) games immediately following the issuance of Yellow Cards in consecutive games and for the issuance of a third and subsequent Yellow Card during the course of a season.8. Any individual sent off shall remove themselves at least 100 yards from the playing field, except in the case of an adult associated with a team who is the only individual associated with the team qualified to administer first aid to an injured player.9. A Referee may demand the removal of any adult to a distance of at least 100 yards from the field of play for behavior that would result in issuance of a "card" to a player or coach. The Referee may, at his or her discretion, issue a card to a coach for the behavior of such an adult. A Referee may, if necessary, suspend play until such time as an offending adult has removed his or herself 100 yards from the field of play. A game may not be extended past the staring time of the following game. The final game of the day, if suspended for this reason, shall terminate at the normal termination time (starting time, plus normal playing time, plus break time).10. Any individual associated with the Gallup Soccer League (e.g., player, coach, parent, relative, friend, or associate of a player or coach) may be suspended for serious or repeated violations of the rules of the League or for actions that are serious infractions of the letter and spirit of the Laws of the Game. Suspended or banned individuals are prohibited from participating in League activities for the duration of the suspension or ban (ie. may not practice or attend practice and must remain at least 100 yards from any Gallup Soccer League practice location and may not participate in or attend a game and must remain at least 100 yards from any playing field in which a Gallup Soccer League game is taking place). Such suspensions shall be by action of the Board, taken at a duly constituted and regularly scheduled meeting of the Board. The Head Referee may temporarily suspend any individual against whom the Head Referee is recommending that the Board take further action, when in the opinion of the Head Referee, the infraction(s) or action(s) complained of will warrant additional punishment by the Board and the Head Referee deems such action necessary to protect the players or the integrity of the League. The temporary suspension shall remain in effect until the Board takes action on the Head Referee's recommendation at a regularly scheduled meeting.
1. Individuals dismissed or suspended from a game or potentially subject to additional disciplinary actions shall not have a right of appeal. Such an individual may, however may request a review of the situation by the Head Referee.2. The Head Referee may review such situations at his or her discretion. 3. Should the Head Referee decide to review a situation, he or she may reverse a caution or dismissal after a review of the facts of the situation upon finding that the caution or dismissal was issued in violation of the Laws of the Game.
Note:Additional Rules and Policies are listed in full in Gallup Soccer League By-laws.